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Fire + Earth: Garry Jones

Fire + Earth exhibitor Garry Jones uses anthropomorphised animals in much of his sculpture, infusing them with both humour and intensity. The work in the image below has a more totem-like feel.

Garry Jones clayhare copy
Sculpture by Garry Jones



Fire + Earth: Verity Howard

Fire + Earth will feature work by Verity Howard, who brings a fresh fusion of ideas and technique to the field of ceramics. Combining traditional hand-building with surface printing and drawing, Verity’s pared-down work expresses the essentials of her subject matter, as in the image below.

Emily Nicholls Photography 2016 all rights reserved
‘A Ley Landscape’ by Verity Howard – inspired by Alfred Watkins

Fire + Earth: Rob Fountain

Rob Fountain will be bringing some of his striking sculptural work to Fire + Earth. He describes his work as “mov[ing] between figurative, functional and abstract, reflecting and informed by the structures, shapes and experiences in the rolling hills and valleys of Mid Wales.”

Rob Fountain 1 copy
Sculpture by Rob Fountain

Fire + Earth: Corinna Kenyon-Wade

Corinna Kenyon-Wade skillfully wheel-throws that most finicky of ceramic materials, porcelain, and finishes her wares with classic celadon and other glazes. Just look at that luscious crackle! Looking forward to seeing what Corinna will be bringing us for Fire + Earth.

Corinna Kenyon-Wade 2
Bottles by Corinna Kenyon-Wade

Fire + Earth: Ken Eastman

It’s a bit daunting to write about the inimitable Ken Eastman, whose work is so well known nationally and internationally, so I’ll let the lovely image below do the talking. We’re super-pleased and honoured that he’s agreed to contribute a piece to Fire + Earth. Ken is represented in the UK by the Marsden Woo Gallery, London.

Ken Eastman Saraband copy
Ken Eastman, Saraband

Fire + Earth: Andrew Crouch

To get the party started for Fire + Earth, and give you all a little taste of what you’ll see at Aardvark Books come 8 April, look at this little beauty by Andrew Crouch. Andrew established the Marches Pottery in Ludlow in 1982, where he produces functional tableware. His work is wheel-thrown and reduction-fired, timeless and classic.

Andrew Crouch 2 copy,jpg
Bowl by Andrew Crouch

Last weekend for This Living Earth

We don’t know where the time has gone, but we are approaching the last 3 days of This Living Earth. If you’ve been meaning to come over for a look, now is the time to get in touch. Come get your favourite Peter Horrocks or Maggie Kingston before they’re gone! We’re open by appointment through Sunday 1 May.

Why not make a day of it and visit us, then nip over to Aardvark Books for cake, coffee, and a look at ‘The Marches: Maps, Prints, Bindings‘? Among other superb specimens of vintage maps, Aardvark’s exhibition features an original version of the first map of Shropshire, dating from 1579. What a treat!