Fire + Earth: Nancy Frost

Fire + Earth participant Nancy Frost makes both functional and sculptural work. Her ‘pot settings’ (example below) have a presence much larger than their tabletop dimensions.

Nancy Frost Pot Setting 2a copy
‘Pot setting’ by Nancy Frost

Fire + Earth: Rob Fountain

Rob Fountain will be bringing some of his striking sculptural work to Fire + Earth. He describes his work as “mov[ing] between figurative, functional and abstract, reflecting and informed by the structures, shapes and experiences in the rolling hills and valleys of Mid Wales.”

Rob Fountain 1 copy
Sculpture by Rob Fountain

Fire + Earth: Corinna Kenyon-Wade

Corinna Kenyon-Wade skillfully wheel-throws that most finicky of ceramic materials, porcelain, and finishes her wares with classic celadon and other glazes. Just look at that luscious crackle! Looking forward to seeing what Corinna will be bringing us for Fire + Earth.

Corinna Kenyon-Wade 2
Bottles by Corinna Kenyon-Wade

Fire + Earth: Ken Eastman

It’s a bit daunting to write about the inimitable Ken Eastman, whose work is so well known nationally and internationally, so I’ll let the lovely image below do the talking. We’re super-pleased and honoured that he’s agreed to contribute a piece to Fire + Earth. Ken is represented in the UK by the Marsden Woo Gallery, London.

Ken Eastman Saraband copy
Ken Eastman, Saraband

Fire + Earth: Andrew Crouch

To get the party started for Fire + Earth, and give you all a little taste of what you’ll see at Aardvark Books come 8 April, look at this little beauty by Andrew Crouch. Andrew established the Marches Pottery in Ludlow in 1982, where he produces functional tableware. His work is wheel-thrown and reduction-fired, timeless and classic.

Andrew Crouch 2 copy,jpg
Bowl by Andrew Crouch

Taking a break, but projects continue

After much thought and discussion, we’ve decided that 2017 needs to be a year of rest and renewal at Leg of Mutton. To that end, we’ll be focusing on our art practices and a couple of other select projects, and not open the gallery this year. We’re grateful for your support of our fledgling endeavour during 2015 and 2016, and we shall see what 2018 holds in store in terms of possibly reopening LoM.

As alluded to above, we are involved in two exciting upcoming exhibitions at Aardvark Books that we thought our lovely LoM audience should know about. The first is Fire + Earth: Ceramic Creativity in the Marches. This first-ever survey of the diversity of ceramic practices in the region will feature 18 artists and makers, both established and emerging. Andrew and I are honoured to be among the invited artists, and it’s been a pleasure to also be involved with the curating and organising of the show.

Please see below for information on the opening hours of ‘Fire + Earth’. To whet your appetites, I’ll be posting an image a day on the LoM website from the participating artists. The show is going to be a stunner, and we really hope to see you there!

‘Fire + Earth’ information:
8-23 April 2017
Private view: Friday 7 April, 6-8 PM
Aardvark Books
Manor Farm
Brampton Bryan

We’re also organising a 15-artist exhibition for Shropshire Hills Art Week at Aardvark Books. This is SHAW’s fourth year, and it’s certainly become an established event in the region’s arts diary. SHAW 2017 takes place from 3-11 June, and the Aardvark exhibition will run for an extra week, through 18 June. Details to follow starting in May.

For more details on both of these exhibitions, including images from exhibiting artists, please keep your eye on the Leg of Mutton website. And don’t ever hesitate to get in touch if you need more information.

Shannon & Andrew