This Living Earth: starts 16 April

Leg of Mutton starts a new exhibition season on 16 April! We’re delighted to be presenting ‘This Living Earth’, featuring work by two artists whose work derives from the literal ground beneath our feet.

Peter Horrocks creates his structural abstractions using earth pigments. Layers of velvety, warm, subtle tones contrast with sharp greys, evoking terracotta and slate:

Peter Horrocks Transform #2 small
Peter Horrocks, Transform 2

Maggie Kingston, a recent Hereford College of Arts graduate, encases glaze materials in shells of black clay and parian. When she cuts open these handmade ‘geodes’, she’s never quite sure what she’ll find – but it’s usually stunning:

Maggie Kingston Cut Geode 2 small
Maggie Kingston, Cut Geode 2

‘This Living Earth’ will be on view from 16 April through 1 May. We’ll be open to the public on 16 and 17 April, 11 AM to 5 PM, and then by appointment through 1 May. Watch here for more information on our guest artists’ work!