Opening Saturday!

Our 2015 Leg of Muttoners have returned for a final hurrah. Andrew and I are busy hanging, adjusting, dusting and polishing. Here’s a taste of what awaits you (and there is so much more!). Framed and unframed works are available, and most items are £95 or less. We have a selection of artist’s cards as well.

Fordyce coastal path 2
Denise Fordyce, Coastal Path 2
Laura Rowlatt Poppy
Laura Rowlatt, Poppy
Saffron Toms The Fragility of Being 3
Saffron Toms, The Fragility of Being
Helena Orlowski, Kazimierz 7
Helena Orlowski, Kazimierz 7
plain jane right head on
Shannon Donovan, Plain Jane