10+ days to view Jane Tudge’s work!

Andrew and I have been busy this week getting the Shropshire Hills Art Week exhibition at Aardvark Books prepped and presented, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about our lovely Leg of Mutton. Ring or email us to see Jane Tudge’s singular work, some of which she is presenting for the very first time. The images below are of limited-edition bee pages from Jane’s  innovative book created for Outrider, a series of artists’ commissions based on the Alfred Watkins collection of photographs and books on beekeeping held by Hereford Library. We’re honoured to be exhibiting them, and if you’d like to visit by appointment, we’ll do our very best to find a mutually agreeable time for a visit. The current exhibition is up through 11 June.

Better late than never 1 copy Better late than never 2 copy